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Powerbee is the first and only tech-company in singapore to be officially listed on microsoft powerapps/FLOW partners directory āœŒšŸ»

About us


PowerBee is a tech company inspired to provide innovative and cost-efficient mobile app solutions that aims to instill mobility to conventional business processes.

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What we do

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PowerBee creates intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps to bridge communication between mobile workforce and main office seamlessly.

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Our products

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PowerBee focuses on solving manual business processes by introducing new data collection procedures through digitization and easy to use automation tools.

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by powerbee BEESERVICE APP

PowerBee BeeService App is a complete end to end Service Management Tool designed specifically to bring your service capabilities to the next level By integrating user behaviors and best corporate practices, BeeService automates manual processes providing your clients with a whole new experience
Benefits of PowerBee BeeService App

  • Improve cashflow with real time billing
  • Manage service team efficiently through performance analytics
  • Reduce service cost by providing accurate and quality services
  • Ensure quality service calls are handled more efficiently and with quality
  • Real-time Reporting for more timely business decisions
  • Gain Productivity by reducing manual work
  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing faster, better support
Increase customer retention and secure more new clients


BeeTime captures staff/worker attendance via a mobile app, computes through a well-designed algorithm and calculation matrix and populates all the digital timesheets and reports that your organisation requires.
- Digitize from traditional time card to digital copy
- 100% Cloud based, no chunky hardware or maintenance
- Aims to improve manual intensive processes
- Real time reporting on attendance records
- Prevent buddy tagging

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PowerBee BeeTime
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Our clients

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powerbee enterprise app


PowerBee Enterprise App is an upgrade from the existing proprietary PowerBee framework. Any workflow or forms can be built into PowerBee Enterprise with a little more time and money.
- Low-code programming
- Only 30% of traditional development time
- Which also means only 30% of cost
- Extremely scalable; grow and grow
- Works with many existing datasets and infrastructure

There is no limit to what PowerBee Enterprise is able to bring and put on the table. Please find out more!


convenient digital way

step 1


Data is collected through simple forms in a mobile application. There are no limitation to the type of data to collect. Forms are carefully designed to be easy to read and extremely simple to fill.

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step 2


All forms are sent to Powerbee Cloud Server for processing. Information are generated automatically from raw data collected through a series of automated procedures.

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step 3

real-time REPORTING

System will decide the correct procedures depending on the information generated. Critical manual processes can be replaced by digital workflows and information are presented in the desired format.

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