Add-On Modules
- Attendance
- Digital Inspection
- Digital Fault/Incident Reporting
- Task Scheduling
- Permit-To-Work (With Approval Workflow)
- Redemption Programmes
- Stock Request (With Inventory)


simple yet efficient

BeeService is a complete, end to end Service Management App designed specifically to bring your service capabilities to the next level By integrating user behaviors and best corporate practices, BeeService automates manual processes providing your clients with a whole new experience!

Impress your existing customers and prospective clients with a systematic and reliable approach to after sales services Achieve all these with a reduced service cost and improved cashflow

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enterprise app


PowerBee Enterprise App is an upgrade from the existing proprietary PowerBee framework. Any workflow or forms can be built and/or customised with a little more time and money.

- Low-code programming
- Only 30% of traditional development time
- Which means 30% of cost
- Extremely scalable; grow and grow
- Works with existing datasets and infrastructure

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Enterprise Application
fully customisable. workflow enabled.



BeeTime captures staff/worker attendance via a mobile app, computes through a well-designed algorithm and calculation matrix and populates all the digital timesheets and reports that your organisation requires.

- Digitize from attendance taking to OT Calculations
- 100% Cloud-based, no chunky hardware or maintenance
- Aims to improve manual intensive processes
- Real-time reporting on attendance records
- Attendance. Timesheet. Payroll. - Automation

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