We think outside of the box!

PowerBee is a tech company inspired to provide innovative and cost-efficient mobile app solutions that aims to instill mobility to conventional business processes.

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Some quotes from our happy clients!

“Am thankful and grateful that I have an opportunity to work with PowerBee. Their understanding of my pain points and lingo is impeccable. More so with their speed. Give a pat on their back for being accommodating and ever willing to meet up upon a quick call. Their attentiveness and responsiveness also make the journey a pleasant one. I wish PowerBee all the best and we will continue to work on some other new App programs, cheers..”

Mr Kenneth Tong, Founder & Business Director

“Our customers' satisfaction level increased remarkably after the adoption of digital forms (developed from PowerBee). We can obtain consent from customers instantly with the digital signature feature, boosting overall organizational productivity. It’s so much more convenient now as compared to the paper forms used previously..”

Mr Diva, Operations Manager

“We have successfully implemented PowerBee Go in less than a week and we see immediately improvement in our reporting process and work load. We are engaging PowerBee again to work on other processes. This is definitely something that i will recommend to other service related companies.”

Ms Jean Ong, Senior Manager

“PowerBee is powerful, easy to use. We have completed more than 15,000 transactions on PowerBee over the last 3 months and our clients are truly impressed. It certainly brought a new dimension to our branding initiatives. Good work PowerBee!”

Mr Tay, Business Owner